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Assembled in 2020, Coach Adam, Assistant Coach Lindsey the families who started the Phoenix girls' team wanted to offer parents of female soccer players in Harford and Baltimore County an opportunity where their daughters were prioritized, not just on the field,  but also as individuals who will one day be leaders in their communities. The families who started the Phoenix girls team, and the ones who are members today, join because they see the importance of female-focused development.

At AFC, we know that soccer is not just a “boys sport" and every day we are pushing the community around us to recognize the same. Our coaches have a passion for making young female players the most technical, tenacious, and determined players they can be.

Every layer of the club revolves around providing our young women the time, energy, resources, and attention each player needs to develop as strong leaders in the community and as confident players on the pitch. We understand that what and how we teach on the field goes well beyond the pitch. We focus on fully developing all our players physically, technically, tactically and psychologically.

This is why we believe AFC Phoenix is the best environment for the U19 female youth of Harford and Baltimore County, MD to compete in athletics. Our team ranges in age from 2007-2009 birth years as we play mostly high school aged teams, and want the girls prepared to play against girls in the 4 years of high school soccer.

We are always looking for some additional enthusiastic girls wanting to improve their soccer game on and off the pitch. We are an energetic, fun, and caring bunch of girls who like to learn together.  We are all about having fun, building our skill sets, and getting as many touches with the ball as possible.

Head Coach: Adam Smelser - US Soccer D License

Assistant Coach: Lindsey Herfel

For more information on joining the Phoenix please contact 

Adam Smelser

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