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The Bascome Futbol Leadership Academy provides an opportunity to create a relevant, coherent and engaging environment for all players, parents and coaches. Having clear purposes representing the schools hopes and desires for the players is an important starting point for their respective sport.

We want to prepare players for success in the 21st Century sports, by including a balance Academy that will focuses on 4 Pillars, Sports, Academy, Leadership and Culture. The Academy is designed to give the players the vision outside the field of as well as on. We want players to be able to see outside the walls of what the game has to offer. We are looking for the participates in the Academy to develop a great sense of leadership skills as well as a greater understanding of what it will take for their success on the field of play.

Bascome Futbol Leadership Academy is an initiative to build sports leaders in the community and on the soccer field. It will equip young players with the skills to develop their understanding for the game and give them the tools to be successful off the field. The Academy is built upon leading strategies for youth development to create sustainable effective change.

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