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We are the Archers


The AFC Archers are a recent arrival to travel soccer and to Abingdon Football Club.
Coached by Rob Ranieri, the team plays year-round with fall as the main season. We
played CSMA and EDP in fall 2023 and are looking forward to playing in the EDP spring
league in 2024. Depending on the season, practices vary from once or twice a week with
games on the weekends. Our coaching staff works with parents to decide on which
tournaments to participate in (normally 3 per season). As we grow as a team, we seek to
expand our participation in tournaments and leagues geographically.  Our recent move to
Abingdon Football Club also allowed us to partner with Bascome Enterprises and the
coaching staff of the Baltimore Blast. The collaboration allows the Archers to flourish in
the coming years. 

History of our team. The Archers takes our name from Churchville's history. Churchville
is an unincorporated community within Harford County. Because Churchville links Bel
Air and Aberdeen (indirectly, the only other incorporated town in Harford County, Havre
de Grace), Churchville was known as Lower Cross Roads in colonial times. Churchville
was also the home of a prominent family, the Archers. Their home, Medical Hall, still
stands in Churchville today.  In July 2023, the Archers moved from Churchville to
Abingdon Football Club.  We decided to keep the name Archers as a reminder of where
and when our journey started and realize how far we have come.  

The move to AFC places the Archers in a position to grow and be competitive. At the
same time, we understand kids play more than one sport, and you will find baseball and
lacrosse players on our roster. We work with kids and parents regarding their schedules.

Head Coach: Rob Ranieri

Asst Coaches: Austin Miller,

Nick Mummert, Robert Teddy

For more information on joining the Archers please contact 

Rob Ranieri at

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